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Why Get a Physical Exam?

Individuals being evaluated for hire or placement are not required to divulge past medical problems to a prospective employer. In fact, employers cannot ask questions that may reveal past or current disabilities and/or impairments. A medical provider, however, may inquire about past medical and/or physical conditions. For that reason, a physical examination should be an integral part of the hiring process.

What We Can Do: 

As specialists in the field of occupational medicine, the Work Clinic performs a variety of physical examinations related to employment and the workplace, DOT and non-DOT.

  • Pre-employment/post-offer/re-certification physicals determine whether applicants/employees are medically and physically able to perform their jobs. This establishes a medical baseline for employees in accordance with the appropriate regulatory agency (DOT, OSHA, etc.). We also perform periodic medical monitoring when indicated.

  • Fitness-for-duty examinations confirm that employees can perform their job duties upon return from medical leave as part of the company’s health and wellness initiatives.

  • Exit physicals determine if the exiting employee is healthy at the time he or she leaves the company.

  • Annual and periodic physical examinations keep your employees up-to-date on their health.

  • Review of the patient’s medical and occupational history allow us to proceed with the physical examination.

Types of Physicals:                                    Additional Services:

  • FAA (1st, 2nd, 3rd class)                       Radiology

  • Coast Guard                                          Audiometric Testing

  • Respirator                                              Laboratory Testing

  • Cruise                                                     Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Police                                                     Electrocardiogram

  • Firefighter                                              Vision Screening

  • Diver                                                       TB Testing (PPD or

  • Oil and Gas (OGUK)                                quantiFERON)

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